User Manual

Who do I contact if I have questions about the Home Monitoring App? 

  • If you are experiencing technical issues, please email the HLHS team at . Note that you are not able to email from the HLHS iPhone. 
  • If you have questions about using the app, please contact your health provider. They are able to help explain what data to enter and with what frequency it is expected, etc. 

Why can’t I use my own iPhone for Home Monitoring? 

  • Your security is very important to us. The dedicated iPhone that the HLHS Consortium has provided for your use is able to be secured, updated, and upgraded by our device management partner without any user intervention. We are able maintain the most secure and reliable connection with this device being managed this way. 

Is the iPhone provided to me for me to keep? 

  • No, it is on loan to you for the duration of your home monitoring. It has been provided by the HLHS Consortium for your use but you will be required to return when your provider instructs you to do so.  It will be completely reformatted and reloaded so that another family can use it for home monitoring. 

What if I don’t have good LTE coverage when I am trying to use the app? 

  • We have tried to provide the best national coverage available with the iPhone, however, you can also augment the LTE coverage by adding it to your own local Wi-Fi network if that helps increase reliability for you. 

If you have other questions, not related to entering your patient's data into the app, please email us at: